Getting Personal

Allow me to formally introduce myself. My name is Cassie. I’m 22. I’m in college, I’m a writer, I’m Black, I’m vegan. I love art, animals, music, books, and I live in Los Angeles. I’m passionate about health and fitness, especially for black women and girls.

When I first created ThinBlackGirls, I just wanted a place to dump all of my black “thinspo/fitspo” pictures because I didn’t want to have to delete them. It wasn’t until my inbox started getting flooded with questions, comments and my follower count reached to 20k and counting, that I truly realized how little information there is out there for black women that want to lose weight and live overall healthy lives- with nutritional information backed by actual medical science.

I once even saw a “study” that said exercise didn’t benefit black women in the same way it benefited white women. I was just like…. so, we just shouldn’t exercise? Wtf?

When I started looking for motivation in my own weight loss journey, I’ll admit I was a little disappointed. I wanted to see some Black women with slim bodies, but I was bombarded with images of heavily muscular women, really curvy women, impossibly tall runway models and celebrities. These women weren’t ugly. Their bodies were beautiful, varied and lovely. But as a 204 lb early 20-something at 5’4 that wanted to be in the medically recommended BMI range, this wasn’t motivating to me. I wanted to see everyday black women that were thin, healthy and unapologetic about it.

I searched everywhere and couldn’t quite find a blog to fit that niche so I reluctantly decided to make one. I wanted to show diversity in our bodies, provide motivation for those of us on weight loss journeys and also to comfort those naturally thin black girls that often feel like they’re not beautiful because they don’t have curves.

Thinblackgirls is not an anti-fat blog. It is not an eating disorder blog. Hell, it didn’t even start out as a vegan blog. Thinblackgirls was never supposed to be anything other than a collage of pretty pictures. But as my passion for health grew and hundreds of people started to reach out to me, I felt like I had an obligation to share what I had learned and be honest about black women’s complicated relationships with our bodies. I can only speak for myself, though. And I have a LOT to say.

Losing weight was a long and hard journey, but I have transformed myself from an incredibly sick and miserable 204.2 lbs to a healthy 115 lbs. My journey to optimum health and fitness still continues and I have a long way to go, but I’m enjoying my life.

This blog isn’t just for Black girls. I hope to provide motivation and inspiration to everyone that visits. However, since this blog is personal, you’ll come along on my day to day life as I reflect on my weight loss journey, talk about healthy living, exercise, veganism, my honest opinions on the world around me and my personal ramblings.

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Welcome, everyone!